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Non Profit Services


Clarity Profile


Clarity Profile

The first step in our work together begins with a Clarity Profile. This process outlines key organizational elements and identifies opportunities to move the organization forward. By documenting their current status, organizations have greater clarity on the areas they need to invest their time and resources.

Energy Proposal

With readiness confirmed through the Clarity Profile, CEG Results will propose services; providing the energy needed to move your organization forward in targeted areas.

  • Grant Services

    • Grant Research

    • Grant Writing 

    • Grant Management

  • Program Services

    • Program Development

    • ​Program Evaluation 

  • Organizational and Board Development Services

    • Board Governance

    • Strategic Planning

    • Policies and Procedures

Growth Partner

Let’s do this! CEG Results will work with you and your team to strengthen organizational results. With a Clarity Profile established, we are primed to partner now and when needed as your organization takes the next steps and continues to grow.

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